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Jenni Sheppard

Journalist, Global Wanderer

Jenni Sheppard is a British journalist by trade but a global wanderer by nature. She has worked for the BBC in London, the European Union in Brussels and the CBC in Vancouver. She has a degree in French, Spanish and Slovene and enjoys an unhealthy obsession with movies. She has previously lived in Britain, Spain, Togo, Mexico, Slovenia and Belgium but now lives in Canada, where she enjoys chasing high adventure and occasionally writing about it. Read more from Jenni on her website.
How An Epic Gig Changed My Conrad Olson

How An Epic Gig Changed My Life

Fast forward to Sasquatch, and my feelings transcended the euphoria I had previously felt. Suddenly Mumford & Sons were speaking directly to me with this song. Lyrics about being separated from someone you love, despite the chain that binds you, took on a whole new meaning. The universe was speaking directly to me.
03/12/2014 05:48 EDT