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Jennifer A. Smith

Writer, Municipal Candidate

Jennifer Smith is a writer, blogger, graphic and web designer, municipal candidate, and local political gadfly. Born and raised in Toronto, Jennifer and her family live in Milton, Ontario where she has taken a leadership role in numerous community and cultural organizations including the Milton Cycle Network and the Milton Film Forum. She is also a former director of the Halton Federal Liberal Association, and currently sits on the board of the Halton PLA. In 2010 she ran for Town Council in Milton's Ward 2, and received local and regional media attention for her effective use of blogging and social media as key elements in her campaign. Nationally, Jennifer may be best known as the songstress behind the G20 parody YouTube video, "If I Had a Billion Dollars."
Did Trudeau Put Liberals Back in the

Did Trudeau Put Liberals Back in the Ring?

As a political metaphor, Justin Trudeau's boxing victory over Conservative Senator Patrick Brazeau is a whole other story. The Liberals have gotten used to thinking of themselves as losers, so nobody was more surprised than they to see Trudeau triumph against such an adversary. Because really, who expects the Liberals to win at anything anymore? If the Liberals are smart, they won't even try to manipulate this. They'll just let the image of Trudeau wiping the smirk off Brazeau's bleeding face sink in and work it's magic.
04/04/2012 08:45 EDT
My name is Jennifer. I am a

My name is Jennifer. I am a Robocaller.

Compared to Mr. Poutine I'm small potatoes, really. I just called a few hundred of my supporters in Ward 2 in Milton on the eve of the 2010 municipal election to remind them to get out and vote for me as town councillor the next day. But I can tell you a little bit about how the system works.
03/16/2012 10:12 EDT