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Jennifer Campbell

Health, fitness and lifestyle blogger reminding women what really matters.

Jennifer Campbell, also known as “Mama Lion Strong,” is a health, fitness and lifestyle blogger from Canada. After beginning her blogging career with topics surrounding pre and post-natal fitness it became apparent that women need so much more than exercise recommendations – they needed to find self worth again. She is helping women find it at
We Could All Be Chase Martens' Maurizio Cigognetti via Getty Images

We Could All Be Chase Martens' Mom

I could see my four-year-old son playing on the slide, but my two-year-old son was out of sight -- not unusual as we had a very large, gated yard. I didn't even have time to cover myself before a woman came around the corner, a look of fury on her face and my two-year-old on her hip. "DO YOU KNOW WHERE I JUST FOUND YOUR CHILD?" she screeched.
03/28/2016 04:03 EDT
Dear 'Selfish' Moms, I Admire RimDream via Getty Images

Dear 'Selfish' Moms, I Admire You

Selfish is the ultimate insult you could call a mother. It cuts to the very core of what being a mother is, which is about giving. We give our bodies, we give our hearts, we give up careers, we lose friendships, we retire goals. We do this because the moment a baby is placed in our arms nothing else matters but the health and happiness of that little soul. We would sacrifice our own lives for our children. But who is looking out for the mother's soul?
03/19/2015 08:40 EDT
Why We Need #LikeaBoy Robert Daly via Getty Images

Why We Need #LikeaBoy Too

Our boys need empowering too. This why we need to change the #likeaboy conversation. #likeagirl AND #likeaboy can be used for good. They should not be used to divide us. And NO child should be put in a gender box. As far as I'm concerned #likeahuman, we should be working on solving all of these issues together.
02/11/2015 01:20 EST