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Jennifer Carlson

Founder Baby Gourmet Foods Inc.

Jennifer is the visionary behind Baby Gourmet Foods Inc, an organic baby food company specializing in nutritious and delicious packaged food for babies and toddlers. She successfully launched the Baby Gourmet brand in 2006 at The Calgary Farmers Market and has since built a company with product distributed in major retailers across North America.

She is the mother of two well-fed children and has a passion for all things culinary. Jen is an inspirational and motivational speaker to women, entrepreneurs and busy moms. In July 2011, Jen was recognized for her leadership and innovation. She was the recipient of the Ernst & Young Emerging Entrepreneur of the Year 2011 (Prairies). In 2014 Jen received the prestigious Women of Influence Trailblazer award on behalf of Baby Gourmet and her Squoosh product line was voted "Most Outstanding Product in Canada" by the World Tour by SIAL Awards (formerly SIAL d'Or Awards).

Baby Gourmet currently enjoys 25% market share in Canada as the country’s leading organic brand of Baby Food, available in all major Canadian retailers. Jen and her team recently expanded to the U.S. under the Go Gourmet brand, launching Slammers Snacks in Target and Safeway stores nationwide.
12 Nutritional Staples Every Baby fatihhoca via Getty Images

12 Nutritional Staples Every Baby Needs

You may have heard the saying, "Food before one is just for fun." And to a large extent, that's true. First foods allow baby to explore different textures and tastes and also takes the pressure off moms whose babies are small eaters. While you're having fun introducing baby to the wild world of food, it's still important to ensure that what you feed you little one, will provide the nutrients for them to grow healthy.
04/26/2017 01:22 EDT
How To Introduce Your Baby To Baby Gourmet

How To Introduce Your Baby To Solids

As your baby begins solids, they are opened to a whole new world. It's an adventure of taste and texture -- from basic first cereals to complex puree blends. It's also significant because it's when your child's palate develops, forming a foundation for good eating.
01/26/2017 04:58 EST
Recipe Tips For Your Baby's First Holiday Baby Gourmet

Recipe Tips For Your Baby's First Holiday Season

Baby's first holiday season is full of exciting times! Why not make their adventure with food something just as exciting as their first meeting with the big man in the red suit? This is a great time to introduce your baby to the wide variety of foods that come out during the holidays.
12/14/2016 01:18 EST
4 Tricks To Curb The Halloween RobHainer via Getty Images

4 Tricks To Curb The Halloween Treats

Buy Halloween candy a couple days before the big night. How many parents see Halloween candy in the stores early October and think they should stock up? Buying Halloween candy early only promotes the craziness. It goes into your cupboard and poses temptation not only for the kids, but also anyone looking for a sweet treat.
10/24/2016 03:24 EDT
You've Been Making Baby Food All Anthony Devlin/PA Archive

You've Been Making Baby Food All Wrong

When I decided I was going to make all of my daughter's baby food, I read everything I could on the topic -- how to introduce foods to baby, the best ways to prepare them for texture, and which foods to introduce when. But the real learning came from old-fashioned trial and error. After years of cooking for my kids and running my own baby food company, I'd like to share some of my tips for making baby food.
10/05/2016 09:32 EDT
Use The 80/20 Rule When Feeding Your Cathy Yeulet via Getty Images

Use The 80/20 Rule When Feeding Your Kids

The breakdown is simple: 80 per cent of the time you focus on eating healthy and clean foods, and 20 per cent of the time you can look the other way and enjoy life's indulgences. I love food and have always felt when you deny cravings, you can set yourself up for a lifelong struggle with food.
08/22/2016 03:37 EDT
The Benefits Of Baby-Led Weaning Are Worth The iStock

The Benefits Of Baby-Led Weaning Are Worth The Effort

Have you heard of baby-led weaning (BLW)? The formal term is given to the practice of skipping purees for baby and going straight to "real" food they can feed themselves. Personally, the idea of skipping the pureed stage and offering my six-month-old baby finger foods sounded terrifying.
05/03/2016 11:44 EDT
9 Tips to Ease the Stress of Back to School

9 Tips to Ease the Stress of Back to School Lunches

Ask any parent and they will say making lunches is one of the most dreaded parts of the day. Being creative and offering healthy options their kids will actually eat is a challenge we all face during the school year. I've learned to avoid the dread by keeping my fridge and pantry well stocked and following these easy tips for creating healthy lunches kids will actually eat.
08/27/2015 12:59 EDT
Balancing Cooking and Convenience for Modern Wavebreakmedia Ltd via Getty Images

Balancing Cooking and Convenience for Modern Parents

The challenge of creating healthy, delicious meals for your kids three meals a day, seven days a week, 52 weeks a year is made a little trickier when balancing it with the modern parent's everyday schedule. So whether homemade, halfway homemade or just plain convenient, here are some tips to finding that elusive balance between cooking and convenience.
03/18/2015 08:11 EDT
7 Time-Saving Lunch Box Image Source via Getty Images

7 Time-Saving Lunch Box Tips

A week after school starts, the Stepford Mom urge gives way to reality. Imperfect, chaotic reality. After a few years of experiencing the inevitable back-to-school hangover, I've learned a thing or two about realistically packing lunches. Here are some of my top lunch box tips.
09/17/2014 12:40 EDT
My Top 5 Picks: Kid-Friendly Flickr: timsackton

My Top 5 Picks: Kid-Friendly Cookbooks

I need recipes that will not only work for my kids, but for me as well. I'm of the belief that we should eat together and share the same meal. I really do not have time to cook two meals, so all approved recipes must work for everyone. This can be a tricky task, but with the right resources it's absolutely possible!
06/16/2014 08:29 EDT