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Jennifer Chandler

Bertram Loeb Research Chair, Canadian National Transplant Research Program; Associate Professor, Centre for Health Law, Policy and Ethics, University of Ottawa.

Jennifer Chandler holds the Bertram Loeb Research Chair in Organ and Tissue Donation, Canadian National Transplant Research Program and is an Associate Professor, Faculty of Law, University of Ottawa. She is an advisor with
Physician-Assisted Dying Isn't Always A Choice For The

Physician-Assisted Dying Isn't Always A Choice For The Vulnerable

One of the consistent worries voiced throughout Canada's long national discussion of physician assisted dying is the desire to protect vulnerable people. One fear is that people with disabilities may be directly pressured or coerced into consenting to medical aid in dying. More insidiously though, vulnerable people may come to desire death due to a lack of any reasonable alternative to their suffering. For this reason, many have called for us to redouble our attention to providing access to high quality palliative care so that people are not driven toward medically assisted death by uncontrolled pain.
03/14/2016 07:36 EDT
Public Appeals for Live Organ Donors Aren't

Public Appeals for Live Organ Donors Aren't Selfish

The public response to the appeal on behalf of Eugene Melnyk, owner of the Ottawa Senators hockey team, for a liver donor has been a heart-warming demonstration of the generosity of our community. Fortunately, a donor was found and the transplant was performed in time to save his life. But is it fair that he received a donation when many others are waiting, and dying, on the waitlist for a transplant? This is one of the common themes in the commentary in the news over the past few days.
05/26/2015 08:58 EDT