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Jennifer Deol

A biophile, ice cream enthusiast and Canadian Youth Delegate to COP 22

Jennifer Deol is a biophile, social justice advocate and ice cream enthusiast living on unceded Coast Salish territory. Coming from a South Asian immigrant household, Jennifer didn’t grow up spending winters in a family cabin out in the woods or summers by the lake. But she has always felt an intrinsic need to advocate for fairness, equity, and the needs of the most vulnerable voices in this world (critters and humans alike), which are disproportionately harmed by corporate greed and the climate crisis.
Canada's Youth Inclusion At COP22 Was A Mere Photo

Canada's Youth Inclusion At COP22 Was A Mere Photo Op

I recently returned home from COP 22, an international conference in Marrakesh to address the threat of the climate crisis. Heading into this conference I must admit I was a bit giddy with excitement. But I would be kidding myself and you if I told you Canada finally showed up the way the world needed us to.
12/14/2016 11:40 EST