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Jennifer Hough

Journalist with an interest in social affairs,

Jennifer Hough is an award-winning Irish journalist living and working in Canada. By day she is a production editor. By night she writes for various publications including the Toronto Star and the Irish Times.
Stop Telling Women to Have Shutterstock

Stop Telling Women to Have Kids

Why is it, everywhere you turn these days, there's a story, post, blog or tweet about women having babies, trying to have babies, or what to do now that said baby is born. And why is it, when we've come so far from the burning of the bras, that the conversation has only shifted from stay-at-home mums to having-it-all mums?
10/11/2014 11:54 EDT
Robyn Doolittle, Stop Making Journalism Seem David Cooper via Getty Images

Robyn Doolittle, Stop Making Journalism Seem Glamorous

It's not the Jon Stewart show, Gawker parties, and book deals. With the circulation of most newspapers in freefell and ad revenues shrinking daily, its outsourcing, lay-offs, cutbacks -- a race to the bottom. And it's proving yourself; working all hours to get the story. It's standing in the cold waiting for the story. Staying late to cover the budget. Getting hate mail, and being sworn at by angry readers (and your news editor). It's also about getting lucky, getting a break, being in the right place at the right time and digging deep like a dog with a bone.
02/13/2014 08:43 EST