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Jennifer Lavallee

Writer and freelance reporter.

Jennifer Lavallee is a full-time writer and freelance reporter. She spends her days sipping on cold coffee and developing stories for the Morinville News and for magazines published in the Edmonton region. <br> <br> Jennifer specializes in developing thought-provoking articles related to women's issues and stories focused on children and on communities. She has been published in Edmonton Woman Magazine, Avenue Magazine, t8n, Edmonton's Child Magazine, and in various on-line publications. <br> <br> An avid reader, Jennifer is a Library Board Trustee for the Morinville Public Library, co-founder of Third Verb writing workshops, and a mom to three busy, wonderful, kids.
Visiting Vimy Ridge Was A Humbling

Visiting Vimy Ridge Was A Humbling Experience

We were welcomed by what I can only describe as peacefulness; only the sounds of rustling leaves and swaying trees could be heard even though the grounds were full of people. It was the polar opposite, I imagined, of what was going on in that same spot in April 1917, during the Battle of Vimy Ridge.
04/10/2017 01:15 EDT
Breaking Into The Big World Of Tiny

Breaking Into The Big World Of Tiny Homes

With 30 plus years of construction experience on his side, Steve Zaleschuk started his business, Finished Right Contracting last fall. He educated himself on the tiny home movement, researched materials, and tiny home building plans, developed a website, and simply got to work. He hasn't looked back since.
08/02/2016 10:00 EDT
Abolishing Hospital Visiting Hours Would Respect Patients'

Abolishing Hospital Visiting Hours Would Respect Patients' Needs

By the end of this year, visiting hours will no longer exist in Saskatchewan hospitals. In early May, the province decided family members will soon be allowed to sit by their loved one's side, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, should they so desire. Personally, I hope my own province is taking note.
05/19/2016 09:25 EDT