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Jennifer Pitt

Writer, mama, wife. Winning the war one vodka tonic at a time.

Jennifer lives in Toronto, Ontario with her husband and 2 year-old daughter. When not working in civil service or ranting about motherhood on her blog Mommies Drink, she is making a mean vodka tonic, but don't ask her to share. Connect with her on Facebook and Twitter.
Why Your Anti-Hillary Clinton Argument Is

Why Your Anti-Hillary Clinton Argument Is Invalid

I understand that people feel like they need to pick the lesser of the evils in deciding who to vote for; we have all faced a vote like that a time or two in our voting lives. While I am not staunchly pro-Hillary, I have a serious problem with one of the current anti-Hillary arguments that are making the rounds.
07/06/2016 04:02 EDT
Dear Bereaved Mama On Mother's

Dear Bereaved Mama On Mother's Day

Parenting a child after the loss of a child is a daily struggle. You do your best to cherish every second, because who knows better than you how fleeting it can be? While your head is cherishing away, your heart is heavy with the feeling of abandoning your lost child's memory by being happy.
05/06/2016 10:44 EDT
Fashionista Barbie: Why Mattel Got It All

Fashionista Barbie: Why Mattel Got It All Wrong

I am not asking Mattel to raise my child with a healthy sense of self-esteem and value; it is my job to make sure of those things, and it is Mattel's job to sell toys - and with these dolls, I feel like those goals are aligning more than they ever did before, and I will continue to combat the body-negative messages sent to my daughter, because our daughters should be free to feel amazing about themselves, whether they fit into a mold or not.
03/22/2016 12:30 EDT