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Jennifer Powell

Travel, Special Needs & Lifestyle Blogger,

When she is not out climbing mountains or travelling with her husband and 2 curious kids at, Jennifer is a much sought after speaker for her knowledge about influencer marketing, digital strategy, and entrepreneurship.

Jennifer believes heartily that everyone deserves to be treated equally and advocates for special needs, autism, racial and gender equity where she can.

She considers a rubber-chicken event worse than death and as an event producer is passionate about bringing that wow factor to everything she creates.

This year her family is giving it all up to make the world their classroom and teach their kids to become Global Citizens.
12 Ways To Survive A Trip To Disney With Special Tan Kian Khoon via Getty Images

12 Ways To Survive A Trip To Disney With Special Needs

For parents of children with special needs top that with a tenfold of anticipated stress and anxiety that accompanies the thought of maintaining a manageable environment while "doing Disney." Our main goal was to make this trip as easy and enjoyable as possible. Thinking through the many catalysts that could trigger a breakdown and the tools that we could use to manage them, here's how to take away the cringe-worthy worry, survive Disney with special needs, and keeping everyone smiling.
06/02/2016 04:10 EDT