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Jennifer Prosser

Office & Communications Coordinator, Womanspace Resource Centre

Jennifer Prosser is currently the Office and Communications Coordinator for Womanspace Resource Centre, and a freelance writer based in Lethbridge, Alberta. Her degree in Political Science fostered her love for policy analysis and critical thinking. You can find her sporadic thoughts and commentary on issues at hand by following @JProssa
Even Harper Knows Motion 312 Won't

Even Harper Knows Motion 312 Won't Pass

The Prime Minister himself has said he will not open the abortion debate. This goes as far as the PMO working to strongly encourage members of parliament to vote against MP Steven Woodworth's bill -- that asks our government to review the definition of when a child become a human being -- though that doesn't look to be stopping some members. If Prime Minister Harper is not interested in opening the abortion debate, and if this was only a private member's motion to create a committee -- the least threatening and most common of all government workings, then what makes Motion 312 important?
09/17/2012 05:01 EDT