Jenny Neal

CoChair of G4G Saskatoon, Leadership Team of Grandmothers Advocacy Network. Advocate for African grandmothers & their orphaned grandchildren

Jenny Neal lives in Saskatoon and is retired from teaching biology at the University of Saskatchewan. She is the co-chair of G4G Saskatoon and on the leadership team of the Grandmothers Advocacy Network (GRAN). She has spent several years living in Africa and is motivated by a belief that all children deserve a secure future free from poverty and disease.
Closing the AIDS/HIV Gap: The Caregivers of Sub-Saharan

Closing the AIDS/HIV Gap: The Caregivers of Sub-Saharan Africa

<img alt="2014-12-01-worldaids.gif" src="" width="300" height="50" />The AIDS pandemic has created gaps in the lives of grandmothers and grandchildren that will never be closed. In addition to the horrific loss of life which can never be reversed, the pandemic has destroyed traditional family structures for a whole generation in sub-Saharan Africa.
12/04/2014 02:37 EST