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Jens Locher

Bereaved Father

Jens Locher is the proud father of three children – two boys, Marlon and Tobias, and a little girl Thea. After a healthy, uneventful pregnancy, his first son Marlon died two days after birth in 2011 due to complications during delivery. In 2012, his second son Tobias was stillborn at 35 weeks of gestation during another low-risk pregnancy. He and his wife keep their story alive at While enjoying every moment with Thea who was born in 2014, the grief for their boys is a constant companion in their lives.

Locher initiated the B.C. Childloss Support Network to help bereaved parents connect with each other after the devastating trauma of losing a child and is working actively on breaking the silence surrounding the death of a child. He started the website to highlight the many initiatives that are happening in Canada to support parents and to provide some basic resources how to help bereaved families.
When Being Prepared isn't Enough - Supporting Parents When a Baby Getty Images

When Being Prepared isn't Enough - Supporting Parents When a Baby Dies

While the majority of people haven't found the courage yet to talk with expectant parents about the risk of losing a child, how to survive such tragedies and continue to live, we need to be even more diligent in ensuring that we have experienced specialists in place that are available every time parents are facing the tragedy of losing their baby.
05/06/2015 11:46 EDT