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Jens Wieting

Forest and Climate Campaigner, Sierra Club BC

Jens Wieting is Sierra Club British Columbia’s forest and climate campaigner. He works primarily on increasing protection for the Great Bear Rainforest and Clayoquot Sound, and to raise awareness about global warming impacts on ecosystems and species habitat. Prior to coming to Canada, Jens worked as a tropical forest campaigner for a German environmental organization, and for the German development co-operation in a rainforest conservation project in Nicaragua. He studied land-use planning at the Technische Universitaet Berlin.
Sorry B.C., You're not a Climate Change

Sorry B.C., You're not a Climate Change Leader

It's great to hear that the B.C.government has begun work on a new climate action plan has begun. But this plan needs to be grounded in an honest assessment of our success to date, not wishful thinking.
05/20/2015 12:36 EDT
Great Bear Rainforest Will Win With Extra

Great Bear Rainforest Will Win With Extra Time

There is another reason why we cannot afford to take much longer to increase conservation and tighten the rules. One major logging company operating in the region is not a member of the Joint Solutions Project. Instead, TimberWest has a long history of opposing increases in conservation and undertaking extremely profit-driven logging operations in the southern-most portion of the Great Bear Rainforest with very little remaining old-growth.
04/15/2014 12:55 EDT
Can We Save Clayoquot

Can We Save Clayoquot Sound?

Clayoquot Sound has become known around the world as a test area for conservation and for economic activities that don't undermine the environment. Yet little progress has been made in securing legislated protection for Clayoquot's ancient forests and in advancing the title, rights and community aspirations of the Nuu-chah-nulth First Nations of the area.
07/08/2013 12:34 EDT
Enbridge Pipeline Puts Hope For A Better World At

Enbridge Pipeline Puts Hope For A Better World At Stake

I am from Germany and moved to British Columbia with my wife and daughter in 2006. Our original plan was to stay for two years but we fell in love with the spectacular natural beauty of this province. No wild places like the B.C. coast remain in Germany. The idea of losing the wholeness of this landscape, First Nations cultures, the salmon, bears and whales to a catastrophic tanker or pipeline accident is heartbreaking.
01/20/2013 12:23 EST
Why Canada Could Still Lead the World to Climate

Why Canada Could Still Lead the World to Climate Action

Seeing the world heading towards global warming Armageddon is particularly painful to watch from Canada. With each mega-drought, record ice melt or super storm, our federal government appears to be more determined to obstruct climate progress, both domestically and abroad.
12/18/2012 05:42 EST
Why We Don't Need Carbon

Why We Don't Need Carbon Cowboys

The controversial geo-engineering and salmon restoration project off the coast of Haida Gwaii received more international criticism this month. The mind-boggling part of the story is that there is no need whatsoever to dump iron into the ocean to support nature to help us in the fight against global warming, especially not along the West Coast of North America.
11/11/2012 11:40 EST
Can a Single B.C. Forest Change the

Can a Single B.C. Forest Change the World?

Currently, half of the Great Bear Rainforest remains open to logging. The recommendation to set aside 70 per cent of the natural old-growth forest has yet to be implemented. It's not just in BC, but globally that many agreements to protect the earth must be realized. Hopefully, at the Earth Summit in Rio, Canada can lead the way.
06/22/2012 11:06 EDT