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Jeremy Dunn

Executive Director, BC Salmon Farmers Association

Jeremy Dunn, Executive Director for the BC Salmon Farmers Association, was born in Tofino and raised on the west coast of Vancouver Island. With over 20 years experience as both a journalist and a professional communicator Jeremy understands the importance of operational transparency and the value of sharing information with the public. Throughout his career he has developed experience in journalism, communications, issues management, public relations and stakeholder relations.
Sea Lion Deaths Are Not Leonhard Foeger / Reuters

Sea Lion Deaths Are Not Okay

The population of California sea lions has been on a steady climb since the end of commercial hunting in the 1970's, and are now estimated to number around 240,000. Climate change is adding to the challenge and has played havoc with the sea lions' natural food supply, resulting in the death and stranding of thousands of sea lions and pups along the entire Pacific Coast.
04/21/2016 12:22 EDT