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Jeremy Wright

Serial Entrepreneur, Digital Marketing Pioneer

Jeremy Wright is a longtime serial entrepreneur and digital marketing pioneer with more than 20 years experience across a variety of industries including social media, agencies, not-for-profit and technology. He was the CEO, President and Co-Founder of b5media, Inc, a prominent social media startup. He then spent time as a VP at Thornley Fallis/76design, as CEO at BNOTIONS, a technology development shop based in Toronto and as VP Digital at Match Marketing Group, a global shopper marketing agency. He is currently SVP Marketing at SoCast, a leading digital marketing platform provider for the broadcast industry. Jeremy is the author of Blog Marketing, the first social media marketing book as well as a father to his two wonderful boys, Evan and Alex.
What I Learned From 24 Hours of Posing as Doug Ford on

What I Learned From 24 Hours of Posing as Doug Ford on Ello

It all started simply enough. I registered "Doug Ford" on Ello in jest. And then decided to start adding some friends. At which point, the fun began. I left the office with hundreds of email notifications from Ello, dozens of tweets and even an article in the Toronto Standard! Which is when things turned dark. Very dark. My 24 hours of being Doug Ford taught me 7 key things.
09/30/2014 05:26 EDT