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Jess Hadley


Jess Hadley is a lawyer in Vancouver, B.C. with a background in philosophy, politics, and economics. She is passionate about making the legal system accessible to everyone, and she is currently on maternity leave from her work at Hastings Labour Law Office, where she advises and represents unions and their members.
B.C. Tenants Face Inadequate Appeal Flickr: theslowlane

B.C. Tenants Face Inadequate Appeal Process

There are hundreds of thousands of tenants in B.C. and dozens of them face eviction every day for highly sympathetic reasons. Their income is interrupted so they can't pay rent; their housing subsidy is cut off; their landlord decides it needs them out in order to do renovations. Tenants facing eviction should not all be tarred by the same brush.
01/25/2013 12:53 EST