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Jesse Cahill

Musician, Photographer, Blogger

Jesse Cahill started playing drums at a young age and worked his first professional gigs at 16 in restaurants and clubs in his hometown of Victoria, British Columbia. Jesse has since become one of the busiest drummers on the Canadian jazz scene. Jesse is also an avid photographer and blogger. His photos have appeared online with The Boreal Collective, in print with The Globe and Mail, and on the covers of many CDs released by the highly regarded Cellar Live record label.
Real Jazz Musicians Don't Play Wimpy

Real Jazz Musicians Don't Play Wimpy Gigs

Oliver Gannon is a jazz musician from another era. He didn't play "wimpy" gigs and entered venues through the kitchen. It sounds romantic in a way, but when I talked to Ollie on the phone today - mostly to make sure he was cool with being called an "elder statesman" - made it clear that it was nothing extraordinary. They were just working for a living.
06/28/2013 07:26 EDT
Vancouver Jazz Fest: 4 Bands and 2 Gigs in 48

Vancouver Jazz Fest: 4 Bands and 2 Gigs in 48 Hours

What a weekend. I don't think I've managed to cram that much music into such a short period of time in ages. Four bands in 48 hours and that's not including two gigs of my own. Crazy. I managed to see the Peggy Lee Band, Soweto Kinch Trio, The Larry Goldings Trio (twice), and James Danderfer's Humming Bird Brigade. It took 20km of bike riding, several train rides, a gallon of beer, and a nap in the park to get it done but hey, somebody had to do it.
06/24/2013 06:41 EDT
Vancouver Jazz Fest Picks to Push Your Musical

Vancouver Jazz Fest Picks to Push Your Musical Boundaries

When we try to figure out who and what to go see at jazz festivals, what did we do before the Internet? I guess you could choose to see a group based on being familiar with some of their members, or maybe you heard an artist's latest release on the CBC. But what about musicians you'd never heard of before?
06/21/2013 11:50 EDT
Get Your Jazz On,

Get Your Jazz On, Vancouver

You don't really need me to tell you that, if you can, you should go see Herbie you? But you probably do need me to encourage you to make an effort to support our home grown talent. There are some wonderful Canadian musicians appearing at the Vancouver International Jazz Festival and they will most certainly not be getting as much media attention as the international stars. That means it's on you, the music lover, to do some research and seek out our local and national musical treasures.
06/19/2013 02:41 EDT