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Jesse Jones

Founder, TEN81 Lifestyle Inc.

Jesse Jones, founder of TEN81 Lifestyle Inc. and U-ology101, is an innovator, brand builder and cultural architect who has worked with multiple top tier brands from around the world. With the personal and professional mission to help others tap into their passions and actualize their dreams through their careers, Jesse is equipped to guide forward-thinking individuals and companies in building successful relationships within today's ever-changing landscape.
#KeepGoing: A Lesson in the Art of

#KeepGoing: A Lesson in the Art of Tenacity

So what's your bike story? What are some of the things you've been putting off simply because you feel that the "time isn't right"? What new opportunity, new career, new business, new relationship, new endeavor are you putting off due to fear? Life happens; it gets hard -- sometimes extremely hard.
07/08/2013 05:10 EDT