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Jesse Miller

Public speaker on social media safety and awareness

Jesse Miller is an international public speaker on the topic of social media safety & awareness. His presentations have been delivered to youth, parents and corporate audiences across North America. Based in Vancouver, Canada – his focus is on positive social media use, engaged/collaborative learning, preparing schools and parents as they venture into technology and social media use with youth.
Don't Blame Facebook for

Don't Blame Facebook for Cyberbullying

Parents: Facebook is not in the business of raising my child, nor should you expect Facebook to raise yours. It is not the responsibility of Twitter to make sure my child behaves well online -- it is my responsibility to make sure my child behaves in any environment. If we want major change, it will not come from laws or banning people from websites; it will come from parents, communities, and schools to engage in dialogue and education to raise children who have an understanding of digital citizenship and accountability for their online and offline actions, because accountability and respect still matter.
07/31/2013 05:34 EDT
How The Internet Still Hurts Amanda

How The Internet Still Hurts Amanda Todd

Parents please continue to learn about the story attached to Amanda Todd and today do not hesitate to talk to your children about the new story of Rehtaeh Parsons. Talk to your children about mental health, talking about social media is the first step in educating your kids about social media safety and outline your expectations about how your children will utilise this powerful tool for communication.
04/12/2013 06:38 EDT
Why We Follow the Dead on

Why We Follow the Dead on Twitter

When a person passes away, their social media presence lives on. We see this every day with each passing, especially when the nature of death is interesting enough for media to seek the Facebook profile or Twitter account to source photos or posts for the corresponding story.
11/13/2012 05:22 EST