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Jesse Nobess

Actor, Stand up comedian, Screen Writer, YouTuber, First Nation (Youth Empowerment Instructor)

Jesse Nobess, was born and raised in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada where he found his passion for Acting at an early age. After graduating from Toronto Film school and working on his craft, he landed two major roles on APTN'S hit television series Mohawk Girls and AMC'S Western series The Pinkertons.

Jesse Also has a passion for humor and celebrity impressions and performs stand-up comedy at local open mics and at the legendary Yuk Yuks in downtown Toronto. Jesse has taken this collective knowledge and has applied it to the nu media platform as he and his brother have created a YouTube channel called massholeh which is now partnered with Much Digital studios, more can be seen at

Jesse, currently resides in Toronto Ontario and he also is touring his Road To Freedom Workshops to First Nation communities across Canada. The workshops bring hands on experience in acting, addiction awareness and personal development.

Jesse also continues to diversify himself in the arts and has found another passion in the creative field of writing. From screenplays to YouTube comedy sketches to writing a web series Jesse continues to showcase his artist ability and showcase his skills in a variety of ways.
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