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Jesse Staniforth

Montreal freelance reporter, Editor of Weed Week Canada

Jesse Staniforth is a Montreal freelance reporter and the editor of Weed Week Canada, an editorially independent weekly newsletter about the business and politics of Canadian cannabis.
We Need To Stop Seeing Indigenous Women As

We Need To Stop Seeing Indigenous Women As Worthless

How do we make police, governments, institutions, and one another care more about Aboriginal women, even if they do things that some among us may find unseemly, like drinking, or using drugs, or selling sex? This is precisely the question that those demanding an inquiry into missing and murdered women hope to see answered. An inquiry would help us identify the culprits and, hopefully, stem this epidemic. Not just the epidemic of murder, but the epidemic of seeing Indigenous women as worthless.
10/06/2014 12:53 EDT
What Does Rex Murphy Know About Aboriginal Peoples?

What Does Rex Murphy Know About Aboriginal Peoples? Nothing

Not surprisingly, like so many other commentators on Aboriginal issues from non-Aboriginal national media outlets, noted climate change denier Rex Murphy conjures up an entirely fictional vision of Canadian-Aboriginal relations in which racism no longer exists, not understanding that doing so is the very enactment of racism itself. The piece in the National Post is a prime example of the way that any Aboriginal news turns Canadian journalists into self-styled experts on Aboriginal issues they know nothing of beyond their own prejudices.
10/21/2013 07:55 EDT