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Jessica Gerlock

Certified Personal Trainer and Mental Illness Advocate

My name is Jessica Gerlock and I am a personal trainer from Toronto, Canada. I have gone through body image anxieties, and depression and fought to overcome them to be healthy and happy. My goal now is to try to use what I have personally learned and help women specifically get healthy and be confident in themselves.
Trolling On Social

Trolling On Social Media

Photo Cred: Karolina Grabowska The term "trolling" in today's generation refers to complete strangers writing offensive online
02/08/2017 08:50 EST
You Need To Love

You Need To Love Yourself

Pushing yourself and trying new things are all part of the weight loss transformation journey. It is all about the journey, never the destination. I now know that I can always work on certain aspects in my life and still continue to love myself. Whether it is trying new workouts or meditating, I will always be developing into a better person.
11/07/2016 05:02 EST
I Needed A Lifestyle Change, Not A

I Needed A Lifestyle Change, Not A Diet

I went to a bunch of professionals and they would give me diets that include lots of vegetables, lot of salads and stuff that I just wouldn't eat. My mentality was why eat something, if I don't enjoy it? What is the point to that? So as I have done with most of my life decisions, I did it MY way.
10/26/2016 11:23 EDT
Working Out Was The Start To My New

Working Out Was The Start To My New Life

There are many days that I want to just stay in bed and sleep but I push myself out the door to the gym and I feel like a whole different person afterwards. When I was at my lowest mental state and 100 pounds overweight, it was hard to even walk through the doors to a gym. I was completely out of shape and had no idea what to do.
10/11/2016 02:19 EDT
When It Comes To Mental Health, Love Goes A Long

When It Comes To Mental Health, Love Goes A Long Way

When living with a mental illness, you feel scared and alone. You might have the best support system around you but you still feel like there is no one. It feels like nobody understands what is going through your mind and you are living in this dark scary world. You end up pushing away your family and friends. You become selfish and you don't care how you treat other people and how your actions affect them.
09/26/2016 04:49 EDT
A Positive Mindset Helped Me Lose Over Half My Body

A Positive Mindset Helped Me Lose Over Half My Body Weight

I was verbally bullied about my weight throughout school. The weight started increasing exponentially while I was in high school. That is when it started impacting my moods and the way I looked at life... I did not want to be around my friends and I started isolating myself. I became physically sick with stomach problems, mentally sick and looked down upon myself. I hit rock bottom.
09/19/2016 04:47 EDT