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Jessica Glazer

CEO who helps businesses find their golden needle in a haystack.Speaks on TV Radio& corporate events about employment related issues.

Jessica Glazer is the Recruitment Director, Founder and CEO of, one of Canada's leading headhunting and resume writing firms.
She is a speaker and start-up business coach for companies as big as the top Fortune 500 to the get the ground running Start-ups.
As CEO of MindHR, Jessica develops audio, video and written content to Project Manager Montreal to help her candidates succeed in the hiring process.
She publishes an HR and recruitment blog at:

And has regular guest appearances on CJAD 800am, BTV Montreal and Global Television speaking about employment related issues.
After only one year in business she was awarded the MS Leadership award and nominated for an Entrepreneurship award from Federation CJA.
She is a Governor for the Jewish General Hospital and when not working, Jessica can be found playing with her kids or in the gym doing Crossfit and Olympic lifting.
Hiring Trends For MacroZone via Getty Images

Hiring Trends For 2017

With this year coming to a close, now is the perfect time to understand and evaluate the year ahead, as there a few hiring trends that you should be aware of: Recruiters: The good news is there might...
12/12/2016 02:23 EST
Helicopter Parenting Leads To Serious Workplace Randy Faris/Fuse via Getty Images

Helicopter Parenting Leads To Serious Workplace Setbacks

"Careful" is a helicopter parent's mantra. These kids have grown up in the shadows of fear, always too afraid to take risks, too cautious to make sound decisions alone and too callous to stand up for themselves as they have never had to. In their childhood their parents made all their decisions and as young adults they have no clue how to fend for themselves.
05/27/2016 09:19 EDT
I Am Not Sorry, I Am Judging shutterstock

I Am Not Sorry, I Am Judging You

I am judging you if you are barking orders at your partner. That person is not your slave. Their role is to help you, support you and guide you. There was a time, before stress, when you were loving and kind, which is why you are together. Get back to that. Your life will be better.
02/09/2016 10:10 EST
New Year, New Job, New Paper Boat Creative via Getty Images

New Year, New Job, New You

It's a new year and you are one week into eating salad, and exercising more. You want to make more money but you aren't sure how. You think, "I will find a new job!" So in 2016 how will you make this year different? Without goals you will fail so just like any resolution you need to know what your true goals are and then narrow it down.
01/13/2016 01:37 EST
ADHD Can Be a CEO's Secret Shutterstock

ADHD Can Be a CEO's Secret Superpower

Bill Gates, Richard Branson, Jim Carrey, Howie Mandel -- all have ADHD. They have found ways to find complete order in their disorder. Once out of the structured school system, ADHD is not a disorder, but rather a beneficial trait in the working world. Perhaps this is why the creative CEOs we know and love today are so successful.
09/13/2015 08:08 EDT
A Head Hunter Shares 8 Blunt Reasons Why No One Is Hiring Getty

A Head Hunter Shares 8 Blunt Reasons Why No One Is Hiring You

As a headhunter, I call people who are sitting at their desk already working, and as a recruiter, I get resumes and emails from people seeking employment. The difference between the two is extraordinary. If you are looking for work and wondering why no one is calling or emailing you back, here are the real reasons you aren't getting a job.
09/01/2015 05:22 EDT
What HR Really Thinks About kzenon via Getty Images

What HR Really Thinks About You

I meet with HR as often as I eat breakfast and they have some movie-making stories to reveal about the candidates they meet. So I sat down with Tara De Jonge of 2020 Montreal, to get the story straight from the horse's mouth because I know, as much as I say it, it's not the same coming from her!
08/06/2015 08:55 EDT
Is it ever okay to cry at the Getty Images/Flickr RF

Is it ever okay to cry at the office?

In the 1992 film A League of Their Own, Tom Hanks' character, a coach, responds to a female player who started to cry almost uncontrollably when she couldn't handle the criticism, yelling: "There's No Crying In Baseball!! THERE'S NO CRYING IN BASEBALL!!!!"
06/24/2015 08:43 EDT
9 Things Recruiters Want job Seekers to ASSOCIATED PRESS

9 Things Recruiters Want job Seekers to Know

There is no denying there is a lot of displeasure regarding how candidates are treated and there is no doubt in my mind some agencies should be shut down! But even the best of the best of us out there are double-edged swords. We are great when we have something for you but useless if we don't and this is not our fault.
06/19/2015 07:55 EDT
The Top 5 Regrets CEOs Have When shutterstock

The Top 5 Regrets CEOs Have When Hiring

We are all human. The person who runs a small company or one from a large conglomerate is still a human and humans make mistakes. Now as much as they will never admit it to you they admit to me, they make mistakes. Here are the top regrets CEOs and hiring managers have when making hiring decisions.
06/16/2015 12:33 EDT
My Dad's a Better Mentor Than Shutterstock

My Dad's a Better Mentor Than Yours

When you are part of the start-up world, one of the things everyone will tell you is that in order to succeed in your career, you must find yourself a mentor. Someone who can help guide you through the trials and tribulations you will endure in your business because they have been there themselves.
06/15/2015 12:46 EDT