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Jessica Kruger


Jessica Kruger is a Simon Fraser University English undergrad and the only female member of the co-ed B.C. provincial rugby team. She is striving to become one of the world’s first quadriplegic models.
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Help Me Show the World "Different" Is Beautiful

I am a quadriplegic. When I was 15 years old I had a workplace accident that resulted in my spinal cord injury. At the time I thought that I would never be seen as beautiful again. One year after I broke my neck, I found a boy that was able to see past my wheelchair. He saw what I so badly needed somebody to see--that I was still just Jessica. He was the first man to truly make me feel like I was still beautiful and helped me find the confidence that I had lost. It is that confidence that has led me to this point. What started as a Lise Watier contest that I entered for fun, has become an opportunity to change the community's perception of beauty.
06/03/2013 04:55 EDT