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Jessie Lorraine

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Jessie Lorraine is trying to make the world a better place by killing the trolls with kindness. Her writing can only come from a place she knows and that place from the heart. She is the co-creator (Jay) of the Plus Size Blog Annie and Jay that she developed with her identical twin sister Anne Marie. Jessie is also radio producer with Newstalk 1010.

Annie and jay is a body positivity blog. We believe that all women are beautiful no matter what size or shape. We review plus-size fashion, body issues facing women in the media and plus size fashion news.
After Years of Constant Dieting, I've Had shutterstock

After Years of Constant Dieting, I've Had Enough

Whenever I dropped weight it was stunning how people suddenly started speaking with me again at family functions and started acknowledging my existence. Of course, whilst they pressured me to devour the high fat food they had prepared. Instead of boosting my confidence, it reminded me that people can be fickle jerks.
06/08/2015 05:25 EDT