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Jessie Poquerusse

Neuroscience Researcher

Jessie Poquérusse is a recent neuroscience graduate with plans on specializing in developmental neurology at medical school. As a rock climbing instructor for individuals with autism, a former psychology researcher at Harvard University, and a neuroscience researcher at the Montreal Neurological Institute, she has developed a keen interest in bridging science with everyday life. She enjoys freelance writing aimed at elucidating the scientific correlates of healthy lifestyles and activities.
Is The Internet Bad For Your

Is The Internet Bad For Your Health?

Are you noticing that society is becoming more and more virtual? You may be missing out on the real-life interactions that make you mentally and physically healthy. A recent <em>Newsweek</em> article revealed some of the negative impacts that Internet addictions are having on lives. Is there a way to fight this?
07/23/2012 05:02 EDT