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Jessyka Gagnon

Mom with wanderlust, passion for writing & love for all life.

Jessyka embraces each new chapter of her life as an adventure. Whether it be exploring the Canadian Rockies, studying criminology, or the ultimate adventure of pregnancy and motherhood, she welcomes these unfamiliar situations with determination - hoping to get through them with a little grace. Driving her sense of adventure is her insatiable desire to have an impact on those around her. Before motherhood, Jess’ career supporting women in domestic violence shelters further confirmed that she feels most impactful when empowering other women. While she is hoping to spend most of her time empowering the tiny human she grew, she also wants to spread her message to people around the world through her writing. Jessyka is known as Mom to her beautiful baby girl, born November 24th 2016; Duck to her loving, supportive and hard-working fiance; and Human to an energetic, cheeky little Yorkie.
She Wasn't Sick, I Was: My Battle With Postpartum

She Wasn't Sick, I Was: My Battle With Postpartum Anxiety

I was certain something was going to take her away from me, that my time with her was limited. My fear made us prisoner to our home, our safe space. I wanted to run with her to keep her from everyone and anything that could harm her. Going to the grocery store was no longer a chore, it appeared life-threatening.
05/23/2017 11:41 EDT