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Jill Amery

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As a Sex Assault Victim, I Know Why Jian's Accusers Didn't Call the Police

If you're ever going to get assaulted, my case was pretty perfect: DNA evidence, no alcohol, no slutty clothes, a guy I didn't know, and no history of kinky sex. Yes, they asked that too. So in the Jian Ghomeshi case? A celebrity? BDSM? CBC, our national pride and joy? Frankly I'm with the women who didn't call the police. If it all happened to me again I would only call 911 knowing that I'm sacrificing myself for the the potential of a safer society.
10/28/2014 05:17 EDT

What About Gun Control in Your Home?

I have two boys. They like to turn their fingers into guns, their toast into bayonets and the household firewood into rifles. For a while I was worried that banning guns in the home made them more desirable, like our North American drinking restrictions. But now I think it's simply part of that Y chromosome. So it's up to me as a parent to teach responsibility and empathy.
12/18/2012 08:19 EST