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Jill Owen

San Francisco based lifestyle blogger and young professional, with a passion for experimenting with fitness, fashion and life hacks.

Jill is a busy young professional based in San Francisco, California with a love for fashion, fitness and tech. She is constantly researching products and hacks to help maximize her personal and professional life, and enjoys sharing shares her ideas and experiences on her blog, Champagne for Everyday. She also loves interviewing inspirational fitness, fashion, and food entrepreneurs and sharing their tips for success. <br> <br> While she may be Californian by choice, she's proudly British Columbian by birth and enjoys frequent trips home to Vancouver.
How to Throw the Ultimate

How to Throw the Ultimate Friendsgiving

Whether it's as an expat abroad or just one province over, those of us living away from home can't always make the trek back for Thanksgiving. This usually results in a healthy dose of FOMO for the holiday festivities back home, but not to fear -- friendsgiving is here!
10/09/2015 08:06 EDT