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Jill Parnell

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Natural Treatments for the Common

Natural Treatments for the Common Cold

Winter weather is upon us and for many that means cold season. The average adult will suffer through 2-4 colds a year. The seemingly unavoidable onslaught of coughing, sniffling, sneezing, and achiness of the common cold means we are looking for anything that will end our misery.
12/03/2013 03:38 EST
Apps for Weight

Apps for Weight Loss?

Applications (apps) on smartphones are accessible, convenient, inexpensive, and have the potential to be far reaching BUT can they be effective for weight loss? The public and software developers certainly think so, as there are an estimated 400 iTunes apps and 480 Android apps available in the "health and fitness" category with 30 specifically designed for weight loss including self-monitoring (1).
11/08/2013 03:01 EST