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Jill Pollack

Organizational Expert, "House Shrink"

Self described “House Shrink” and organization expert Jill Pollack is the host of HGTV Canada’s “Consumed,” a one-hour de-cluttering / life-changing TV show entering its second season. Produced by Paperny Entertainment, “Consumed” season two airs Saturdays at 5 p.m. ET/2 p.m. PT beginning June 1st on HGTV Canada.

Jill has worked with numerous celebrities, professionals and stay-at-home moms to help them de-clutter their homes (and offices) and simplify their lives. Jill is currently a spokesperson for Schick’s Simplicity Campaign and was recently the spokesperson for Avery Labels, both campaigns are focused on de-cluttering and getting organized.
13 Professional Tips to Stay Organized for

13 Professional Tips to Stay Organized for Life

Think of your home as an extension of your body. Do you want to be fit? You have to work out. Do you want to have a streamlined and organized life? You have to do a "stuff workout" on a regular basis. I wish there was a magic bullet. Believe me. But I can't think of many more things more fulfilling than knowing where everything is and knowing that everything you have is something you want and need.
05/23/2013 08:24 EDT