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Jillian Doucette

EcoPreneur, Nature-Lover, Author with Self-Counsel Press

Jill is the Founder and Co-owner of Synergy Enterprises, a westcoast company with a mission to catalyze the green economy. Synergy works with businesses who aim to be exemplary leaders in corporate social sustainability. Her clients have achieved zero waste, carbon neutrality and have won numerous awards for sustainability leadership and innovation. <br> <br> Jill has authored Greening Your Office: Strategies that Work and Greening Your Community: Strategies for Engaged Citizens and has two more titles on the way involving Eco-Tourism and Green Economics. She regularly volunteers to help others start green businesses and jump start new solutions for a more sustainable world.
A Holiday Guide To Giving Greener

A Holiday Guide To Giving Greener Gifts

The holidays are a notoriously wasteful time of year with an estimated 300,000 additional tonnes of garbage created by Canadians between mid November and New Years' Day. With an excess of gift wrap, consumer packaging, and food waste, that's not hard to believe. Here are five ways you can give the gift of green this holiday season.
12/10/2015 01:47 EST
Climate Change Could Mean You'll Have to Skip Your Morning

Climate Change Could Mean You'll Have to Skip Your Morning Coffee

Coffee is social, cultural, and for much of the Western world, coffee is fuel. For many of us, our morning coffee is top priority in keeping up with life's many demands. Unfortunately for coffee junkies worldwide, the coffee industry is being threatened on a global level by the impacts of climate change.
08/20/2015 12:56 EDT
Use Your Lawn To Grow Food, Not

Use Your Lawn To Grow Food, Not Manicure

As North Americans, we obsess over lawns--millions and millions of acres of them. We spend time, money and effort to maintain their perfection. In your own yard, you can slowly stage the replacement of grass with food gardens. Or complete the transition all at once.
06/04/2015 11:52 EDT