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Jim Beqaj

Jim Beqaj is a trusted advisor to CEOs & author. His new book True Fit is about how smart people land the wrong job and finding a #TrueFit

Jim Beqaj is a trusted advisor to CEOs across all areas of their businesses and a two-time author. His new book, True Fit, is packed with real-life, relatable examples of how the smartest people can land the wrong job, sage advice from Jim's career in finance and leadership consulting, and his own experience of fitting an out-sized personality into the constraints of Bay Street’s corporate environment. In 2002 Jim founded Beqaj International to advise companies on strategic directions for future development, to recruit talent and to provide leadership coaching. Jim uses his talents, experience and energy to meet his clients’ most relentless challenge – finding and attracting talented teams and individuals who fit the business and culture. He has personally hired over 900 people in his career and has great insight into business cultures and individuals. As former President and Chief Operating Officer of Wood Gundy, Jim led the integration with CIBC and expansion into the U.S. in the early 1990s. At the time, he hired over 450 people in 18 months, Jim realized that putting the right talent together was the most important part of the job and what he enjoyed the most.
The Single Biggest Career Trend In

The Single Biggest Career Trend In 2017

We have been raised all of our lives with the world trying to suppress who we are and telling us who we ought to be to fit in. How bizarre is it that we try to change who we are, to try and fit, versus just being more of ourselves and finding the opportunity that actually fits us?
02/06/2017 05:25 EST