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Jitender Sareen

Professeur en psychiatrie à l’Université du Manitoba

Le Dr Jitender Sareen est conseiller expert associé au réseau, professeur en psychiatrie à l’Université du Manitoba et chef d’équipe pour le Manitoba Population Mental Health Research Group [groupe de recherche du Manitoba en matière de santé mentale].
5 Ways We Can Reduce Suicides In

5 Ways We Can Reduce Suicides In Canada

Despite recent headlines, Canadian rates of suicide and attempted suicide have remained largely unchanged over the last several decades. What has changed is that we've seen increasing rates of suicide in the Canadian military recently, after stable rates for decades. The problem of suicide is not limited to the military in Canada; indigenous populations, especially in northern remote communities, have high rates of suicide. We need a unified approach across provincial and federal sectors to reduce suicides in the military, among veterans and civilians.
01/08/2016 11:31 EST
What I've Learned After a Decade of Researching

What I've Learned After a Decade of Researching Suicide

The death of comedian Robin Williams last month sparked a worldwide discussion about suicide, its underlying causes and how it might be prevented. And, with World Suicide Prevention Day taking place Sept. 10, the subject is certain to generate more debate as people seek to understand this important health issue. Having spent 10 years researching the subject while working as a professor of psychiatry, I believe there are things we can do as a community to tackle this problem. With that in mind, I thought it might be helpful to reflect on what researchers have learned over the years about strategies for preventing suicide.
09/10/2014 08:43 EDT