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J.J. McCullough

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J.J. McCullough is a political cartoonist and pundit based out of Vancouver, British Columbia. His work has been published in Reader’s Digest, the Vancouver Metro, and the Western Standard, and he’s a regular commentator on CTV New's "Political Express" panel. For the last decade he’s run Filibuster, an editorial cartoon blog specializing in U.S. and Canadian politics as well as J.J.'s Complete Guide to Canada.

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Wake Me When the NDP Chooses a

Wake Me When the NDP Chooses a Leader

Attempting to follow the ins and outs of the NDP campaign is a bit like trying to watch a horse race in the dark: you can place bets, but the fun ends there. One has to pity all the poor political reporters across the land being dispatched to "cover" a race which they now openly profess to be analyzing solely on the basis of random hunches and pet theories.
02/24/2012 08:10 EST
Big Brother Makes for Crappy

Big Brother Makes for Crappy TV

The fact that Canadian tastes in entertainment are largely indistinguishable from our southern neighbours is a stubborn fact no amount of central planning can seem to kill; not advertising blitzes, not prime time quotas, and certainly not a fourth season of Being Erica.
02/17/2012 11:55 EST
Celebrating 60 Years of Royal

Celebrating 60 Years of Royal Yawns

As Minister Moore is insisting we spend this week reveling in memories of Elizabeth II's six decades on the throne, it's worthwhile to recall just how just magnificently little of note or substance this woman has actually done with the office she's held for so very long.
02/09/2012 08:35 EST
The Left Fully Succumbs to Harper Derangement Syndrome

The Left Fully Succumbs to Harper Derangement Syndrome (HDS)

Much as Canadians like to self-righteously assert that our politics are significantly more substantial and mature than those practiced down south, the Canadian left has a persistent inability to bash Harper for anything but the most specious and invented charges.
02/02/2012 04:42 EST
B.C. Liberals Going Right?

B.C. Liberals Going Right? Riiiight.

British Columbians are constantly bombarded with government propaganda in virtually every aspect of their daily lives, and the state now funds everything from anti-salt propaganda contests to seniors' aerobics videos.And this, we are told, is the alternative to NDP-style undisciplined over-spending and over-promising.
01/26/2012 11:59 EST
Is Harper the Last True

Is Harper the Last True Neo-Con?

On CBC's<em> The National</em> Canada's PM proved he may actually be one of the western world's last surviving neo-cons. From Afghanistan to Iraq to Lebanon to Libya, in his long political career, the man has rarely met an invasion he didn't like, or an international dispute in which force was not a viable solution.
01/20/2012 12:00 EST
For Real Democracy, Canadians Need Only Look

For Real Democracy, Canadians Need Only Look South

For the next couple of months the Americans will be participating in an exercise in mass democracy entirely without precedent or equivalent in our sad dominion, and offering a thoroughly irritating reminder of just how backwards and elitist the Canadian party system remains in contrast.
01/09/2012 04:04 EST
The Biggest Story of 2011 for Me? The Year the Media Fell for the

The Biggest Story of 2011 for Me? The Year the Media Fell for the Monarchy

From the grating, excessive hoopla of the royal wedding to a series of overblown "controversies" about the supposed monarchist drift of the Harper administration, 2011 was the year that proved the Canadian press is still capable of abandoning all journalistic principle whenever royalty makes the headlines.
12/29/2011 05:10 EST
China: It's Not All Cheap Toys and Cute

China: It's Not All Cheap Toys and Cute Pandas

As the West's elite plunges deeper and deeper into Sinophilia, with all other manner of lavish junkets to the wealthy Communist nation, criticizing the Chinese dictatorship (or even using inflammatory language like "Chinese dictatorship") has become the new signifier of simple-minded provincialism.
12/09/2011 12:13 EST
Tories' Immigration

Tories' Immigration Incoherence

I know the conventional wisdom holds that Immigration Minister Jason Kenney is crazy like a fox. But what appears to be a haphazard approach to dealing with immigration is actually one of the most brilliant long-term political chess games of our time, or so we're told.
12/04/2011 12:45 EST