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Joanne Horibe

Co-founder, Conceivable Dreams

Joanne Horibe is co-founder of Conceivable Dreams, the OHIP for IVF Coalition that currently has over 1,400 members across Ontario. She is senior legal counsel for a major international corporation, underwent eight in-vitro fertilization (IVF) cycles, and is now the proud mother of a healthy little boy.
Why Isn't Government Helping Women Have

Why Isn't Government Helping Women Have Kids?

For the first time ever the majority of women giving birth today are over the age of 30. Statistics Canada reports this is about two and a half time the percentage in 1974. This matters as a woman's fertility starts to decline at age 28. In fact, one in six couples trying to have a child are infertile. Do these medical facts mean that we should stop encouraging women to be fully contributing members of our economy? Absolutely not! On the contrary, it means government policy must begin to keep pace with modern realities and available medical technologies.
11/03/2012 07:18 EDT