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Jo-Anne McArthur

Photojournalist, author, educator, and animal rights activist.

Jo-Anne McArthur is an award-winning Canadian photojournalist, author, educator, and animal rights activist. Her documentary photo project We Animals explores our complex relationship with animals. She is featured in the documentary film “The Ghosts in Our Machine” and has written two books, We Animals, published in 2013, and Captive, due out in June 2017.
Jo-Anne McArthur/We Animals

What Will Montreal's Rodeo Be Like For The Animals?

I've been documenting our use, abuse and sharing of spaces with non-human animals for nearly two decades. Since 2005, I've attended many rodeos across Canada, and what I've documented time and time again is that while rodeos might be a fun day out for us, they are no fun for all the other participants: the animals.
05/15/2017 02:02 EDT
Jo-Anne McArthur

Shining A Light On Invisible Animals In A Human World

Animals are present in almost every aspect of human life: our meals, our clothing, our entertainment industries, and yet they live their lives in the dark. Sometimes their suffering is hidden behind the walls of factory farms, where billions of animals live short, painful lives every year.
04/04/2017 01:56 EDT