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Jodie Emery

Cannabis Store Owner, Marijuana Legalization Activist

Jodie Emery lives in Vancouver, B.C. and is married to Marc Emery, the infamous U.S.-imprisoned Canadian philanthropist seed-seller known as the "Prince of Pot." Jodie is owner and operator of Marc Emery’s Cannabis Culture Headquarters store, Cannabis Culture Magazine, and Pot TV.

As a well-known marijuana legalization activist and public speaker, Jodie is regularly featured in media. She is often invited to speak at a variety of conferences and events in North America, and has run for provincial office three times on an anti-prohibition platform.

Every week Jodie films "The Jodie Emery Show" to update friends and fans about Marc, marijuana legalization activism, and more. She also visits her husband in a Mississippi federal prison every two or three weeks while managing over 20 employees and a growing activism business "hempire."
Waiting For A Trudeau To Decriminalize Getty Images

Waiting For A Trudeau To Decriminalize Marijuana

Canadian history teaches us not to take a politician's word as a commitment. Previous Liberal Prime Minister Jean Chretien promised to decriminalize marijuana in 2003 and failed to follow through. In August 1970, the Globe and Mail's front-page headline read "Marijuana to be Decriminalized" after Prime Minister Pierre Elliot Trudeau's Royal LeDain Commission recommended ending cannabis prohibition. Forty-two years and two million Canadian marijuana arrests later, we are still waiting for someone named Trudeau to make good on the promise. That shouldn't be hard to do. It's what the majority of Canadians want.
11/18/2012 07:56 EST