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Jodie Layne

Writer & Body Positive Advocate

Jodie is a sexual health educator and freelance writer living in Winnipeg, Manitoba.
Jodie Payne

What I Hate The Most About My Fat Body

I am learning to love myself, but sometimes it's not enough. All the love I can give myself can't cancel out the hate that people have for fat bodies. If we want to be real about changing the way that beauty is portrayed and what bodies are considered good, then everyone has to do the heavy lifting to normalize marginalized bodies together.
04/29/2016 10:43 EDT
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How to Discuss Sexual Assault With Survivors in Mind

As a survivor of sexual assault and an advocate for people who have been assaulted, I'm already shaking at how I feel this, and the discourse around it, is going to play out. As with any public or private allegations of sexual assault, it's important to remember these things when talking about Jian Ghomeshi in the coming weeks.
10/27/2014 01:28 EDT