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Joe Henry

Manager of Student Access, Humber College

Joe Henry is the the Manager of Student Access at Humber College with over 10 years of experience supporting people with disabilities. Previous to joining Humber, he was Manager of Accessible Learning and Student Development at Sheridan College. As Chair of the College Committee on Disability Issues, he regularly speaks to issues of equity and inclusion on campuses, and has formed important relationships with the Ministry and local school boards. He has been awarded a 2012 DiverseCity Fellowship with CivicAction (The Greater Toronto CivicAction Alliance), which is a year-long development program dedicated to making the Greater Toronto Area a better and more inclusive place to live, work, learn, and play. Having completed his Masters in Education (M.Ed) in Adult Education and Community Development, he is currently pursuing his Doctor of Education (Ed.D) at Northeastern University in Boston. Joe resides in Milton with his wife Marilyn and 6 year old twins Kaitlyn and Jarrett
Does a Degree Matter Less if You're in a

Does a Degree Matter Less if You're in a Wheelchair?

For the most part, the education system has done its job. Beginning at the elementary and secondary level, students with disabilities have been given access to support and services that have allowed them, not only to participate in the education process, but to increasingly be successful. But now, it's up to employers to open their doors to the disabled.
05/30/2012 12:19 EDT