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Joe Keithley

D.O.A. Frontman

With 35 years of punk rock history under his belt, D.O.A. frontman Joe Keithley was one of the original Canadian punk rockers that helped evolve the West Coast American punk scene. Rooted in his upbringing, Keithley is known for incorporating two seemingly polar aspects into his life by merging punk and politics together into D.O.A. songs. Living by his motto “Talk-action=zero,” Keithley has been active and involved in numerous political acts regarding freedom of speech, anti-globalization, anti-racism, as well as environmental issues.
Brad Kent Joe Keithley

Brad Kent RIP

Brad, you taught me how to rock and now I am shedding a lot of tears tonight. You were as talented as they come; I'm going to miss you.
02/04/2016 04:46 EST
Why the World Is Poorer Without Wimpy Roy In DOA

Why the World Is Poorer Without Wimpy Roy In It

We were soon dubbed "Vancouver's most hated band" by Tom Harrison of the Georgia Straight. We played around Vancouver for awhile, then in October 1977 we all moved to Toronto to join the "scene" there. Gerry Hannah, looking for adventure, moved to Toronto with us and this is how the legend of "Wimpy" was born.
12/09/2014 04:21 EST