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Joe Killoran

Columnist, law student, and high school teacher.

Joe Killoran is a columnist, law student, and high school teacher.
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B.C. Christian University's Homophobia Has Nothing To Do With Piety

The upcoming Supreme Court of Canada appeal about whether Trinity Western University has the right to establish a law school that bans gays and lesbians promises to be one of the most influential human rights decisions in the history of the court. The debate is a depressing reminder of how reviled LGBT people still are among certain segments of society.
05/04/2017 01:41 EDT
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Canada Should Increase Taxes On Its Deadliest Vice: Meat

Since the production of meat is, quite literally, destroying the planet, it must be severely curtailed. It ought to be treated like tobacco, another deadly and unnecessary habit - though, to be fair, tobacco use is not an existential threat to humanity. Calculations should be made as to the environmental, health and economic costs the livestock industry imposes on the world and it should be taxed accordingly.
11/17/2016 01:12 EST
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Canada's Forced Oath To Queen Is A Barbaric Cultural Practice

Catholics are specifically forbidden from succeeding to the British throne, but the link to the Church of England means any Muslim, Jew, atheist, Hindu, Buddhist, or Sikh is also ineligible, as are the 94% of Canadians who are not Anglican, and thus legally deemed unsuitable to assume the position of Head of Sate of Canada. Though this vulgar, patriarchal relic is deeply offensive to modern Canadian values of equality and tolerance, it persists in law as a disgraceful reminder of our more primitive past.
10/11/2016 01:06 EDT
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The Unexamined Significance Of Donald Trump

While most reasonable people are mystified and disgusted by the popularity of Donald Trump, his appeal isn't surprising considering the way the Republican party has conducted itself for the past 50 years. But while Trump is adept at using the type of bigotry the Republican Party has employed for decades, he deviates from Republican orthodoxy in the areas most important to Republican elites. And that makes all the difference.
06/23/2016 04:02 EDT
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Canada Should Not Wage War Against ISIS

As is usually the case in the rush to war, this chorus of angry voices ignores the messy and uncomfortable reality of the situation. They propose a course of action that would put Canada in greater danger, strengthen its geopolitical foes, involve a far greater sacrifice than Canadians are willing to make, and fail to improve the situation in Syria or Iraq.
11/19/2015 02:33 EST