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Joel C. Spicer

Micronutrient Initiative President/CEO and global health leader.

Joel Spicer, M.P.H., MSc., is the President and CEO of the Micronutrient Initiative. He has achieved success on many development issues, including nutrition and health initiatives, maternal, and child health programs, TB control and HIV programming, innovative financing and resource mobilization. A decisive and experienced executive, Joel is a seasoned manager, well-versed in governance, organizational design and resource mobilization. He is a passionate and strategic advocate who is committed to securing tangible, measurable results to improve lives, livelihoods and communities focusing on the most vulnerable groups. For more information about Joel Spicer and the Micronutrient Initiative, visit
Unlocking The Potential Of 1 Billion Women And

Unlocking The Potential Of 1 Billion Women And Girls

Roughly one billion women and girls worldwide -- almost 30 times the population of Canada -- suffer from malnutrition. This has catastrophic consequences not only for them and for their children, but for the world, as the loss of women's full potential hinders the social and economic development of entire countries.
03/07/2016 01:40 EST
Momentum Is Building in the Global Fight Against

Momentum Is Building in the Global Fight Against Malnutrition

In the coming months, a unique alignment of global events has the potential to fuse together leadership, partnership, commitment, and action for nutrition that could change the lives of millions. The opportunity is right in front of us if we are courageous enough to seize it.
05/28/2015 07:49 EDT
More Babies Need

More Babies Need Breastmilk

Exclusive breastfeeding to the age of six months, with continued breastfeeding to the age of two and beyond, is a child's first vaccine. It strengthens the body's resistance to disease, and with a strong immune system, newborns are better able to fight off infections immediately and throughout their lifetime.
04/05/2015 10:42 EDT
A 'No Missed Opportunities' Approach Is Essential For Ending Diseases Like

A 'No Missed Opportunities' Approach Is Essential For Ending Diseases Like Malaria

Canada made a concerted effort to end malaria deaths in this country a century ago and is now supporting efforts to do the same around the world as part of leadership on MNCH. I'm optimistic that the discussion around 'no missed opportunities' will help move us much more quickly towards a world free of preventable deaths among women and children and one free of diseases like malaria.
03/03/2015 11:51 EST
Celebrating Canadian Global Nutrition

Celebrating Canadian Global Nutrition Success

Without proper nutrition, many children don't make their 5th birthday. When Canada formed the Micronutrient Initiative more than 20 years ago, it highlighted the silent crisis of "hidden hunger" -- when people don't get the vitamins and minerals in their diets they need to stay alive and healthy.
02/04/2015 12:55 EST