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Johanu Botha

BA, MPA, PhD Candidate

Botha conducts doctoral research on disaster and emergency management policy. He holds a Joseph-Armand Bombardier Award from the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada at Carleton University's PhD in Public Policy program. His articles can be found in the Globe and Mail, Ottawa Citizen, Winnipeg Free Press and Huffington Post. He writes about his research focus and Canadian public policy & administration in general.
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4 Things Public Service Reform Should Keep In Mind

The Canadian government has kick started a process that seems to require perennial kick starting: reforming the public service in order to make it attractive to young job seekers. As a student of public administration and card-carrying member of the millennial clan, I have -- as befits my clan -- constructed an online list of things the latest batch of reforming should keep in mind:
02/19/2016 04:02 EST

The Ethics of Ebola Treatment: Who Gets What and Why?

Disaster management is the preparation for, mitigation of, response to, and recovery from adverse events that transcend 'regular' emergencies while political philosophy asks the 'big' questions about power in society -- who gets what, and why? And when a fatal disease without a known cure moves rapidly from human to human it's not just about food supplies and First Aid Kits -- the question of who gets what, and why, becomes central.
10/22/2014 01:02 EDT
Emilie Duchesne via Getty Images

Why the Quebec Student Protests Are Still Relevant

Is any of this relevant almost three years later? Yes, because mini-versions of the Quebec protests still play out on Canadian campuses. They may not be about tuition, and their ideological bent could be left or right. But too often when students organize around political causes they take on the same unsavory tones that reject dissent and make straw men of opposing arguments.
10/02/2014 12:32 EDT
Adam Borkowski via Getty Images

Why Every Professor Should Think Beyond the Journals

But all professors should be cognizant of the relevance their research holds for society beyond the journals, and the responsibility they have for sharing this research. If their work does not take the metaphorical form of Harrison Ford in a cowboy hat, sweeping through and engaging with the real world, then what's the point?
09/23/2014 12:39 EDT

How to Be Patriotic About a Country Built on Diversity

Respecting differences is rightfully Canada's claim to fame in the world, but that is not enough to guide this place to its fullest potential. Canadians cannot -- and should not -- embrace any particular race, language, or religion as their national marker, but they can and should embrace their country. Such an embrace constitutes a commitment to the people who share this land and, indeed, to the land itself. Canadians can put aside the fear that flying the Maple Leaf too high may yield a sudden intolerance in the ship's hull. It won't.
07/01/2014 02:37 EDT
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7 Things Canadians Might Not Know About Canada

If beer companies advertised countries, Dos Equis would rep Canada -- it is the most interesting country in the world. But many of those living here would never guess it. Hence the need for an internet list to all Canadians. You're welcome.
04/19/2014 11:22 EDT