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John E.C. Thompson

VP of Intelligence, Strategic Capital Intelligence Group

John E.C. Thompson served for 13 years in the Canadian Army, spent 5 years with the Canadian Institute of Strategic Studies and 22 with the Mackenzie Institute; and is currently VP of Intelligence with the Strategic Capital Intelligence Group. An author and commentator who deals primarily with issues of organized violence and political instability, he is one of Canada's more blunt authorities on terrorism and related subjects.
The Truth About Poison Gas In

The Truth About Poison Gas In Syria

The footage of purported victims of recent chemical weapons attacks in Syria shows a distressing number of children's corpses... but then both Saddam Hussein and Hezbollah have been accused of stockpiling such corpses in the past to reserve for media events. The Syrian National Front might be no different.
08/21/2013 05:12 EDT
In Iran, Government By Murder Won't Change With a New

In Iran, Government By Murder Won't Change With a New President

Authoritarian governments almost always use a culture of terror and violence to intimidate or eliminate their opponents. The Islamic Republic of Iran is no different. The country might have a new president today, but sponsorship of terrorism will remain as one of the key tools of the state.
07/16/2013 12:39 EDT
Terror Lives Here

Terror Lives Here Too

Despite abundant evidence, Canadians still have considerable difficulty accepting the presence of international terrorists. We like to believe that nobody would want to harm us, but the terrible reality is that there are terrorists who would like nothing better than to kill large numbers of us.
04/23/2013 10:27 EDT