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John F. Gray

Writer. Always curious

Is a freelance writer, "storyteller" and content creator. Through his work, he strives to develop and create stories that connect and build communities.

John jumped into the start-up world in early 2009, bringing his experience in business development and sales to companies creating new software products. He was co-founder of Mentionmapp, a visual analytics company that was acquired by OverInteractive Media in October 2011.

Sharing and writing about business, social enterprise and technology, John communicates the purpose driven human experience. Great stories can make a difference. John’s focus is writing the best content for you.
BrandTree Connects Good Brands With Good

BrandTree Connects Good Brands With Good Customers

More people want to buy sustainable products and have a kitchen full of fresher, natural and healthier foods. The challenge is connecting the people who make good things, with the people who want those good things. Vancouver's is taking on that challenge by connecting brands with mobile customers.
01/09/2013 01:12 EST
Made In Vancouver Gives Your Car More

Made In Vancouver Gives Your Car More Mojo

Imagine not fumbling for your key fob to open car doors. With Vancouver-designed, your car senses the proximity of your phone, and unlocks the car door for you. Don't fret about forgetting to turn off the house lights or locking the doors. notices you've left the driveway and locks up the house for you. It also dims all the lights in your house, saving you money on energy costs.
01/01/2013 11:36 EST
'Change Heroes' Sells 'Friend-Funding' To Build Schools,

'Change Heroes' Sells 'Friend-Funding' To Build Schools, Libraries

Recognizing the power of personal connections, Change Heroes has designed their platform around the concept of "friend-funding." The goal of each change hero is to bring together 33 of their friends, family, and co-workers together to donate $3.33 a day for three months which equates to $10,000 which will fund the building of a school or two libraries.
12/23/2012 12:31 EST
Paint My Cat: Connecting Pixels To The

Paint My Cat: Connecting Pixels To The Playroom

Paint My Cat, created in Vancouver, is a new app that's creative, artistic, educational, and great family fun. This sure isn't what my kids had for coloring books. It's created by a dad who sees a really big picture.
12/09/2012 05:44 EST
Startup Accelerator Institute B Breaks Business

Startup Accelerator Institute B Breaks Business Rules

Positioning themselves as "the purveyors of unreasonable business" Vancouver's Institute B is about as far from the typical accelerator as one can imagine. Far from espousing the traditional business school playbook, everything about this team is unreasonable. With a mandate of proving to the world that by incorporating societal benefits as an equal priority to generating profits, more abundance will be created for shareholders and stakeholders alike -- they're a team assured of flunking out of any MBA school.
12/04/2012 12:32 EST
Vancouver's Startup Community Accelerating Out Of

Vancouver's Startup Community Accelerating Out Of Diapers

A stimulating evening in Vancouver recently provided an excellent snapshot of a startup community that's starting to grow up. It comes as the city improved on its ranking of the world's top startup ecosystems. This week, the Startup Genome Project updated its list, placing Vancouver ninth in the world, compared to its 16th showing on the previous list.
11/23/2012 03:15 EST