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John Laforet

Principal, Broadview Strategy Group

John Laforet is the Principal at Broadview Strategy Group, a communications firm with offices in Halifax and Toronto and British Columbia.

His firm works with a wide range of clients on public relations, government relations, marketing and creative design challenges and opportunities.

Prior to founding Broadview, John had worked at Queen’s Park as a political staffer, served a riding association President, managed a not-for-profit advocacy organization and was the Field Manager of a national public opinion research firm. Laforet has delivered guest lectures on citizen participation in government approvals processes at the University of Toronto, on grassroots lobbying and earned media strategies at Guelph-Humber and the impact of community acceptance on government decision-making at McMaster.

Laforet has been active in politics since his early teens and addressed at the Empire Club of Canada when he was 25 years old.

With "Pay Before Pump" Law, This Man Would Be Alive

It is unthinkable anyone would lose their life over $112 bucks of gasoline. The dragging death of gas station attendant Jayesh Prajapati after he was run over by a driver fleeing the station without paying is another tragic reminder of how senseless and avoidable some crimes are. We may only hear about the fatal incidents of gas theft, but according to the Toronto Star, between July 2009 and 2010 there were 1,618 reports of gas thefts in Toronto. That is more than 30 opportunities a week similar incidents could occur. Liberal MPP Mike Colle rightly sensed there is an opportunity to update Ontario's laws to require motorists to pre-pay for gas they pump.
09/20/2012 12:16 EDT

Don't Let the Hotheads Prevail In Quebec

What the PQ fails to understand is that the continual sparring with the federal government and defiant support of succession, regardless of a demonstrated lack of public support for separation, creates an unstable environment for investors, who are in a position to strengthen the quality of life for all residents of Quebec. Here is to hoping cooler heads prevail.
09/03/2012 09:12 EDT

Don't Bring a Gun to a Wind Energy Debate

I was saddened to read that Jeff Damen, a father of two and employee of a wind developer in rural Ontario, reported having a shotgun pulled on him while conducting field work on a project site in West Grey. While I am not known for expressing opinions remotely sympathetic to that of the wind industry or its employees, and certainly oppose the development of the project in question, guns and threats of violence have no place in any debate in our province.
08/01/2012 12:14 EDT

Let's try that Ontario Election Again, Shall We?

If there was ever a time to have an election it is right now, before the proposed provincial budget for 2012 passes the legislature. Ontario's last election was light on policy and heavy on platitudes from all sides. Is there any reason to deny Ontarians the opportunity to chart the course they want our government to take?
04/17/2012 05:19 EDT

Liberals Experience the Soft Tyranny of High Expectations

People who live 4,500k from the Toronto-Danforth riding read in the Vancouver Sun just last month that the Liberals were in a position to win; they'll now be reading about a "lacklustre, no name, uninspiring dud" candidate who blew the Liberals right out of the water. Imagine what that does for confidence in the Liberal brand.
03/20/2012 10:30 EDT

McGuinty's Plan to Reduce Ontario's $16-billion Deficit? He's Not Telling.

The Premier has a draft of economist Don Drummond's report to reform Ontario's economy on his desk, but he's not sharing it. Ontarians must be central to the decision-making of how to reign in the deficit. It isn't enough for the government to pass the buck to an unelected, unaccountable outsider, and cherry pick what they feel is best.
01/26/2012 11:56 EST

Mike Crawley's Business Record Proves He's No Man of the People

Mike Crawley's day job as chief of International Power Canada poses a significant risk to the Liberal Party and makes his calls for grassroots inclusion ring hollow. His power company has had a devastating impact on Ontario residents who are forced to live in the shadow of Crawley's work.
01/13/2012 03:26 EST

The Biggest Story of 2011 for Me? The Historic Federal Election

For the first time since Confederation, the once mighty Liberal Party of Canada was neither the government or official opposition. Layton became the first New Democrat to be sworn in as Her Majesty's Official Leader of the Opposition, another historic moment brought to us by May 2nd's election.
12/30/2011 07:36 EST

Liberals' Message to Bloggers: Get Lost

The Liberal Party is choosing to financially disadvantage the little guy in favour of big corporations that own media outlets by charging them to attend the Liberal convention in 2012. The decision demonstrates a lack of recognition of the impact bloggers have on social media and by extension, public opinion.
12/23/2011 09:55 EST

Can Flaherty Save Healthcare?

The father of medicare, Tommy Douglas, never mortgaged a generation's future to pay for the services of the day. Jim Flaherty's plan for sustainable health care funding based on the government's revenue places him in closer company with Tommy Douglas than those who are opposing the shift.
12/20/2011 01:15 EST
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Open Letter to Premier McGuinty: Restore Local Democracy

Premier McGuinty, your declaration that you are prepared to listen to Bill 10 is a positive step to address all that has happened since Feb. 11 2009 when you stated you would not hesitate to 'foist' renewable energy projects on communities, and lashed out at concerned citizens.
11/29/2011 04:01 EST

Eviction Doesn't Have to Be Occupy Toronto's Alamo

Turning St. James Park into an Alamo for its cause risked Occupy Toronto's ability to carry on after defeat. The potential power Occupy Toronto has isn't in clinging to an arbitrarily chosen plot of land. It is in the ability to harness the power of those who came out and to build a movement that has an impact on the world.
11/23/2011 05:14 EST

The "Missing" Generation of Girls

It has been estimated that since the 1970s approximately 163 million girls have not been born due to sex selective abortions. In other words, couples waited until an ultrasound could determine the sex of the fetus and aborted because the fetus was female, resulting in 163 million girls not being born over the last 30 years.
11/09/2011 04:57 EST

Vermont Wind Farm Site Meets Occupation of Its Own

While OWS entered it's second week of high-profile coverage, an occupation of a very different kind began taking place in Vermont. Concerned citizens have worked together to oppose Green Mountain Power's bid to clear-cut 134 acres of ridge top to install 21 industrial wind turbines in this environmentally-sensitive area.
10/22/2011 10:33 EDT
John Laforet

Hey Protesters: Our Top 1% Differs From U.S.

What does interim NDP Leader Nycole Turmel, have in common with Phillip Brown, General Manager of the City of Toronto's Shelter Housing Support and 65 employees at the Hospital for Sick Children? By my estimation, each of them earns an income that grants them membership to Canada's demonized one per cent.
10/18/2011 02:43 EDT
Flickr: Scott Meis Photography

Green Energy Act Sufferers Seeing Red

Dalton McGuinty's Green Energy Act has failed to provide the thousands of high value jobs he has spent the last two years claiming it would and Canada's reputation as a free trader is being challenged by important members of the global community. But sadly, it's Ontarians who will clean up the mess.
10/03/2011 03:00 EDT
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Ontario's Ballot Box Question: Future of the Green Energy Act

The Green Energy Act is an issue that has been festering in rural Ontario communities for years. The Liberals are campaigning in defence of their Green Energy Act, while the opposition has centred around three key issues: health and environmental impacts, process issues around decision making and the economics of the feed-in-tariff program.
09/23/2011 01:54 EDT