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John McCallum

Member of Parliament for Markham-Unionville

Conservatives Have Damaged Our Immigration CP

Conservatives Have Damaged Our Immigration System

Throughout our history, Canada has welcomed newcomers with a smile. They were -- and are -- nation builders. Under the Conservatives, this smile has become a scowl and we have unfortunately witnessed a decade of decline in three major areas: family reunification, refugees, and citizenship applicants.
06/12/2015 01:07 EDT
The Government Should Help Canadians Retire With Shutterstock / Monkey Business Images

The Government Should Help Canadians Retire With Dignity

Canadians are worried about their retirement. Recent polls show that among working aged people there is a growing concern that they simply won't be financially secure in retirement. This concern is validated by statistical data showing that a significant segment of society is having trouble saving enough. Instead of turning a blind eye to a known problem, the Government of Canada should be trying to help Canadians retire with dignity. Clearly, the time is right. All that is missing is federal leadership. Unfortunately, Canadians just won't get it from Stephen Harper, who has always disliked the CPP.
06/02/2015 07:32 EDT