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John Mraz

Director: War Room - John Tory Campaign

John Mraz is a political consultant who has worked in Europe, Central Asia, the Middle East and North Africa - as well as here in Canada. John Mraz currently serves as the Director of Toronto Mayoralty candidate John Tory's War Room. John Mraz is regular contributor at SunTV, and sporadically publishes commentary in the National Post. His son Luca is the greatest love of his life.
Doug Ford, Thank You For The One Promise You Did Getty Images

Doug Ford, Thank You For The One Promise You Did Keep

In 2012, referring to council, Doug Ford said: "I can't get anywhere with these monkeys." Was that a term of endearment? How can Mayor Ford expect to get anything done at City Hall when you use such language? Oh, that's right. Since then, he mostly hasn't. No need to answer. When you told the father of an autistic child who rightly and democratically challenged your views to "go to hell," what were you thinking?
07/29/2014 09:11 EDT